Güssing Castle – historical jewel in South Burgenland

Discover Güssing Castle, a highlight for anyone who enjoys exploring the past. The castle towers above the idyllic landscape of South Burgenland and offers a wonderful view from the castle hill over the town of Güssing, the Güssing Fish Ponds (a designated Ramsar wetlands site) and far beyond into the Hungarian lowlands.

In the castle museum, you can embark on an exciting journey through time. Explore the amazing history of the castle, which is chronicled and preserved by the museum in this former fortress.

A comprehensive collection – from the ancestral portrait gallery to the weapons collection – illustrates the glorious history of the Batthyánys, a powerful Hungarian dynasty.

The surprisingly large castle courtyard is a great place to relax and spend a few hours. In the summer, it also transforms into a spectacular open-air stage and is a venue for musical performances and various other events.

Güssing Castle awaits you – it’s always worth a visit!

Admission prices

All prices incl. VAT

Adults: € 8.50
Seniors: € 7.00
School pupils, apprentices, students, those doing military or civilian service: € 5.00
Family pass: € 18.00

Groups (from 10 people)

Adults: € 7.00
Seniors: € 6.50
School pupils, apprentices, students, those doing military or civilian service: € 4.50

Guided tours

Guided tours are available by prior arrangement for groups of 10 or more people for €2.00 per person (or min. €20.00).

Vending machines for cold drinks, hot drinks and snacks accept both cash and card payments. Castle admission and guided tours can be paid for in cash or by credit or debit card.

Inclined elevator

Take a pleasant and leisurely ride up to Güssing Castle on our inclined elevator ‒ the ideal choice for anyone wishing to enjoy the breathtaking views of Güssing and its surroundings without having to make the strenuous climb on foot.

Ascent: € 2,00 per person
Descent: € 2,00 per person

Note: Only 2 euro coins are accepted! Unfortunately, the coin slots will not accept 10, 20 and 50 cent coins or 1 euro coins.
Tour groups can pay travel fees at the castle ticket office.